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Title: Improved Construction Kit
Post by: Rotacak on December 16, 2015, 01:38:51 PM
Hi, we decided to improve human weapons a little. Here is Construction Kit.
Title: Re: Improved Construction Kit
Post by: Machine Medic on December 17, 2015, 01:15:56 AM
It's really cool to see the fine details on the new model, like the sneaky little 'Self-Test Passed' screen.

I haven't seen a self-test system in ages.  It's attention to little details like that that make my day.  The little things that you can see when you stop to smell the roses are really what make great games, IMO.  If you can just take in little lore-related details and hints around you when you get tired of the same old grind, like the schedule boards and advertisements spread around in 'Transit.pk3', it makes the experience that much more imaginative to me.  (Although, to be honest, I'm not sure how one would actually go about using that microscopic little keypad to the left of the center span, lol... Perhaps that could be moved to the right-hand side and enlarged to replace the resistor bank presently there or something.   ::))

It would be really cool to see just a two to three second 'startup sequence' on the main screen upon weapon switch, something like these: ( ( (

If you plan to implement structure rotation options, etc. later on, it would be really cool to see some real time construction readouts and/or wire-frame representations displayed on the main screen as well during building, sort of like these: ( (

Normally, a single weapon wouldn't warrant this kind of attention to detail, but the unique style of base building is one of the core features that sets this game apart from any other games out there.  It only seems fitting to make the tool that makes it all possible feel somewhat special.


Don't be afraid to add some quiet sound effects to the idle/construction states of this tool, either. ( ( (



Also, perhaps a hybridized cross between the original model and this newer one could serve as the 'normal' stage one Ckit, and this full-featured revision could represent the 'advanced' stage 2+ kit?

Little details.


Title: Re: Improved Construction Kit
Post by: Rotacak on December 18, 2015, 12:53:43 PM
That micro keyboard could be service keyboard similar to reset dot-switch on router :)

Startup sequences are good, they will be there.

Rotation structures is not planned yet, but selected structure will be displayed on construction kit display in wireframe mode or polygon mode with additional information.

Iddle sound will be there but must be not annoying, otherwise builder will drive mad :)

There is only one construction kit and amount of buildings avaiable is limited by current stage.