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Media / Short gameplay video
« on: April 06, 2017, 10:51:41 PM »
Short gameplay video from one of our test games.
Please notice skillful handling of a flamethrower. Some call it suicide, but who are we to judge?
It ended with a kill, afterall. 

link to video on Youtube

Media / Main Menu
« on: March 16, 2017, 08:23:28 PM »
Take a first look on the in-game Main menu!
Well... ok. As you see, the actual menu is obviously missing. We wanted you to enjoy the background.
You will see the full menu with words and rectangles and clicks so many times in the game anyway.  :) 

link to video on Youtube

Media / Battle Suit & weapons
« on: December 09, 2015, 04:50:41 PM »
They say the devil is in the detail. And they are right.
Take a Battle Suit. No, seriously, take it. It provides maximum protection and that is not something you want to refuse in Murnatan. But you know, every light causes shadows and wearing a Battle Suit also means you won't be able to use some equipment and weapons. And for us it also means we have to modify 3D models of those things, that you CAN use, because in Battle Suit you simply don't move as an ordinary person. 
So this is how modified Minigun will look like, when used with a Battle Suit.
Neat, isn't it?

Media / Video just for fans...
« on: August 17, 2015, 06:23:51 PM »
This video is our way of "THANK YOU". Thanks to all of you, our patient and loyal fans, supporters and friends. It has been a long ride till now, but today is the day, when you will see Murnatan alive.

Well, not "playable" alive, we are still not done yet. There will be a lot of improvements in the final game. But we wanted to give you an insight into the progress we made since last news. Hope you will like it. And don't worry - maybe it looks like we went through some kind of apoc-alien-psey, but sure there will be aliens in Murnatan. Actually, you can see one even in the video.

Find him right now!

link to „Just for fans” on Youtube

Media / Hive - Speed texturing (and other news)
« on: April 29, 2015, 11:10:43 AM »
„The Hive and the wasps” sounds like an oldschool band name, but it is actually absolutely ordinary thing - an alien building. Now you can watch the speed texturing video of it. People hunting swarm seems as a good move in improving your base defense.

One more thing.. However we feel that speed texturing is still a cool thing to do, right now we try to focus on making presentation maps, because next time we would like to show you at least some basic ingame video. No promises yet, but we will do our best.

link to Hive on Youtube

News / AAAGAMES Ltd.
« on: March 13, 2015, 05:55:24 PM »
We finally got to the point, where if we are serious about game development, we have to make a step and become a company. So let's put cards on the table: we are no longer AAAGAMES, bunch of people making fun game. Now we are much more serious AAAGAMES Ltd., the professional game developers providing customers with a "unique mmo fps experience".

Meh, just kidding. We're still making a game. ;) Actually, this change has no impact on gameplay and/or players whatsoever. We just wanted to tell you, that we ARE pretty serious about developing games and that we DO mean it. 

View it in BR

News / Unreal Engine 4 is Free for Everyone
« on: March 05, 2015, 12:52:09 AM »
Believe me, I would love to have a more rich vocabulary in my brain's possession. But all I can say is that this news is simply.. EPIC.

A year ago, Epic Games decided to support both smaller developers & students by opening Unreal Engine 4 to everybody for just $19 per month subscription. This year, Epic is going a step further. The studio has just announced that Unreal Engine 4 is available for free, along with all future updates. Yes, this is the real deal - the complete technology Epic uses to build their own games. And if you want to play with it, you no longer have to pay for a solo subscription or pretend you really need to create a BFG model for your IT class.

"You can download the engine and use it for everything from game development, education, architecture, and visualization to VR, film and animation," writes Epic's co-founder Tim Sweeney.

For the dev (hey, that's us!) there is a small catch (oh..) as you have to pay a 5% royalty on gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product, per quarter. But every "free" game engine has different costs and options for commercial projects, right? And some are better fit for you than others. Do we really need an engine this powerful? Yes, obviously we do. We are megalomaniacs in disguise. And considering how versatile the engine is, the so called "catch" is actually a small price to pay anyway, especially for complete access to software like this with no upfront licensing fees.

But more importantly, for the players and especially modders this is a great news - full, cost-free access to one of the most powerful and fully-featured game engines out there. Unreal Engine is a flexible tool and we are sure many fans will create great things. PC gaming has a long and rich history of amateur map & stuff making for multiplayer shooters, and now anyone who fancies trying their hand can wade in without spending a penny. And even if you are newcomer, don't worry - to help you get started, the engine includes game templates, samples, content, and several video tutorials.

UE 4 is free in its entirety, the full C++ source code, and supports Windows PC, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, virtual reality (Oculus Rift and Gear VR), Linux, SteamOS and HTML5. Anyone can also freely access the engine's entire toolset—along with the Unreal Engine Marketplace, which allows users to buy and sell custom-made art and programming assets. The hottest news is that NVIDIA opens PhysX Code to UE4 Developers as well.

So that's it. Starting now, anyone can download the Unreal Engine 4 and use it to build whatever they want. And we are glad to say, that now the situation with future Murnatan modding is as it was planned from the beginning, when we were using UDK.

Unreal Engine 4 - GDC 2015 Demo on Youtube

Media / Grenade speed modeling (+fruity penguin bonus)
« on: February 06, 2015, 06:26:29 AM »
Some people say, that use of weapons is just another level of inter-species communication. If that's true, we are pretty sure there is no better universal way of expression "I am disappointed, because you cowards outnumbered me" than a grenade thrown in the right direction. In a new video you can see Tomáš Drahoňovský crafting this exploding argument from concept, through creating low and high res polygonal models till the final texturing. Hope you will like it.

But wait, don't go away yet, we have an announcement too!
After some coding, even more testing, surviving an alien attack, trip to the space, stealing a future technology and successfully returning back to our lair, we can finally reveal, that - if something terrible won't happen - Windows version of Murnatan will have its Mac and Linux siblings and you will be able to play on your favourite system. We don't want to delay a release day, so it may be available a bit later than a Win version, but hey! That's still good news, right? 

link to Grenade on Youtube

Media / Blaster - Speed texturing
« on: December 12, 2014, 10:40:59 AM »
Blaster is a weapon, that all humans carry since they are born and the only gun you can't sell. Why? Because it's free. And slow and weak and nobody actually wants it from you. In fact, if Murnatan & Guns magazine would exist, Blasters advertisment would have been:
"Better than nothing (unless nothing has an unlimited energetic ammo)".

All that means you won't probably switch to Blaster until you absolutely need do. But it doesn't bother the Blaster. He just waits. Waits like a friend for the moment when you need him.

link to Blaster on Youtube

Media / Hell Launcher
« on: November 21, 2014, 01:10:40 PM »
You wouldn't have a long conversation with us about deities, no. For example I believe in a strange combination of a good will, common sense, logic, science, Cthullu, binary world and Flying Spaghetti Monster. That doesn't fit for too many people. So why not to avoid this conversation about angels, heaven and especially gods and let's just all agree that Warren Spector is probably one of them.

However, if you know there is THE GOOD, you probably believe there must be a bad place too. Like Hell.
After all, all those multiplayer cheaters must have some kind of a headquarters anyway.

Let's be clear: if you want to launch the hell in Murnatan, please do not sacrifice anyone, especially goats. There will be a Hell Launcher and it's awesome. Just buy it. As a reward you get an ultimate weapon, rocket jumps, cryptography quiz of "what number those three L means" and that chilling feeling that you can erase your own base, if you have tendency to mishaps. 

p.s.: I am definitely not a professional right now, but what the hell: just can't get enough looking on those images! It's a Weaporn.

News / Gameinfo
« on: October 14, 2014, 09:56:00 AM »
In case you missed recent update on Murnatan's homepage: there is a new section called Gameinfo.
Besides a short introduction of what this is all about (e.g. not quite surprising news such as Murnatan being 3D FPS multiplayer), you can see also more interesting stuff: Human weapons, buildings and equipment, Alien buildings and classes.. it's all there, each item with it's own image and description. Okay, right now some items might look like a NO sign with "not available yet" text, but they will get a facelift soon as well.

View it in RO | BR

Media / Jump Pad - Speed texturing & Small forum change
« on: September 13, 2014, 02:39:19 PM »
We have two news for you today. First one is another speedtexturing video: this time it's making of Jump Pad, an alien shoot-me-in-the-air version of elevator.

The second news is a small change in Murnatan forum, which you probably already noticed: we don't have karma system anymore. Well, do not take it as our religious confession, there still IS a chance, that trying to be nice to other people is actually pretty good idea. However we were no longer satisfied with applaud/smite system and we have switched it to a "like" system. To be honest, it works almost in the same way minus the negativity, so why not.

link to Jump Pad on Youtube

Media / Engine - Speed modeling
« on: September 01, 2014, 12:57:29 PM »
Here's another video in our speed modeling series. This time it shows special human structure - Engine.
It is basically a step-on-it activated elevator, which transfers you up to otherwise unreachable places. In future it should be useful help for building an elevated base as well.

However, even if the middle part goes up, the cover around motors remains on the ground, so you'd better defend it carefully, unless you don't want to watch a slightly different version of Newton's gravity law (you know, apple on the head equals gravity) including motors and an alien forehead.

Engine - speed modeling (link)

Media / Rock - Speed modeling and texturing
« on: August 15, 2014, 06:36:38 PM »
We have both good and bad news. Good one is, that we made not just one, but two rock videos. Bad thing is, that if you are awaiting our programmers wear leather vest with a MürNaTör sign on it and Rotacak playing a drum solo, this is not THAT moment.

However, what you can see is another great videos by Murnatan graphic artist Tomáš Drahoňovský. In first you can watch speed-modeling of Rock while the second shows some speed-putting of a texture on it. It should be said, that Rock is basic building and defense structure for Aliens, and since it can hold a lot of damage, it will be used for base fortifcation.

At last but not least, please don't forget to subscribe our Youtube channel, there is more to come.

Speed modeling

Link to video

Speed texturing

Link to video

News / Buildings, Weapons, Aliens
« on: August 13, 2014, 01:13:18 AM »
We prepared a list of all weapons, aliens and buildings in the game for you. The details and specifics will be described later on the web, but we are sure Trem players (especially if you played on R servers) will recognize most of them immediately. Here we go:


Construction Kit
Chain Saw
Sniper Rifle
Pulse Rifle
Hell Launcher


Security System
Medi Pad
Ladder (will be renamed)


Alien names:
Advanced Granger
Advanced Grabit
Advanced Mur
Advanced Narbatucker
Advanced Pum

Jump Pad

But this time we would like more to ask for your opinion, than simply inform you. We are not sure about some names and that's why we would like to hear your opinion. It's especially these:
Pulse Rifle – how about Plasma Rifle or Photon Rifle?
Tyrant - right now we still use Tyrant because it can be simply shortened to "rant", but it just doesn't fit with rest of the names. Therefore we are thinking about change and so far we like "Brutan". 

We know it might be seen as details, but you know, "the Devil is in the detail" and we are really looking forward to your response and ideas.  Sooo..what do you think?

View it in BR | RO | RU

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