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Suggestions, ideas / Suggestions and Critics from a Trem fan
« on: March 29, 2018, 04:19:11 AM »
    Hey there, I want to tell you congratulation for making this game, as much as I like the idea, as much as I know there is a lot of work to do to get this game fully alive and playable.

    Things to work on :

    • The way the the controls feels like
    It feels like there is something wrong with the controls, it's not fluid enough and the game-play is not fast enough. Aliens feels like they're retardly slow and difficult to control, I know that we get used to it after a couple of game, but it just doesn't feel like the user is in control of the character, it seems like there is some kind of input lag or an after delay of some kind.

    • The hit boxes
    I think you're aware that the alien hit boxes are not on point, the models are not my style too, why fury animals when you could have made some scary monsters. I don't know if you plan to keep all these models but I don't feel like these models reflect the typical "aliens".

    • Nartabucker wall jump and speed is retarded
    Since the game is not running on Quake engine, the acceleration is awful which makes the controls difficult to deal with, the humans sprints and accelerate faster than Nartabucker, the walljump is not of much use honestly since it's too slow in my opinion.

    • Nartabucker lightning attack
    What does it do, TBH I don't find any use of it, it sucks.

    • Pum's pounce
    It just doesn't feel right, it's difficult to track human with the pounce because humans are faster... and I don't know how the pounce damage works but it does not trigger unless human is retarded and doesn't move.

    • Plasma gun
    I don't like it and it feels laggy to me, don't see the point of using it

    • Every kind of secondary actions
    Like wallwalk, gravitational flying, Hellslayer's charge, pounce, tyrant's charge etc... it lags and glitches, the controls are not swift enough to be user friendly and intuitive and fun to use, it feels clunky and unpleasant to some extent.

    • Mur flying speed
    I don't think it's fast enough, but i like the idea of this alien

    • Map limits that reks you
    Too much of these to random places, i don't think it's a fun feature in any maps. Especially the ceiling one that u hit with the bird or jet or wall walking aliens without even anticipating it at all. It should be at least an invisible wall, no killing involved, I don't like that.

    • Random crashes and server reset
    Yea you are surely aware of this one

    • Tyrant too op
    Well compared to all other aliens, it's the only one that can truly take out a base and pretty easily. Unless you buff other aliens or humans  or balance this shit with stronger building, the tyrants cannot be that strong, it's unreal in my opinion. The problem about buffing the building is wrong because weaker aliens or humans weapon is already kinda weak against buildings.
    I'm pretty sure if you work these aspects of the game and balance all the content you can attract a bigger player base, this game has it potential, but it needs quick reaction and devotion from the dev team so that people who tries it for the first time are not disappointed by how the game feels.

    I know it's still in alpha but you guys we're working on this for so long and I am worried that if you don't have a lot of players even after exposing on steam that the project might not speed up properly.

    What kind of engine are you using ? I'm not an expert at all but if you built it yourself, that might be difficult to deal with all this fluidity issue with the controls and shit. I know that the new Unreal Engine would be dope for that game, I don't know if you have ever considered trying to merge the game on this engine, it might help you, just an idea. The strafe from quake engine make this kind of game much more enjoyable and I just read u made this feature low priority, but that's what make the controls natural, enjoyable and creative in my opinion. You should see my mara jumps in trem, it's crazy how you can push the limits of this alien when you get into it, because it's fluid and generates speed with precision and skill.

    Let me know your point of view about what I just wrote in that post, I did not look much of this forum but I surely played dozens of game that I won easily because i'm good at Trem, ppl would just stack my team, btw fix that so the teams are balanced its annoying eheh.

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