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Suggestions, ideas / Trem isn't perfect
« on: May 21, 2013, 01:22:23 AM »
Just jotting down some thoughts, everyone is free to add (and disagree).

Steep learning curve...
Things that would help: communicate hits better to the player. In Trem it's often difficult to see wether you hit something or not. Also no indication wether you hit head or torso etc... might feel unfair and frustrate the player. We see this often enough in online matches, and I think it's a shortcoming. Solution would be to have more and/or better visual and audio cues. Maybe the hud should display this, maybe ingame effects should be more clearly.

Speed: I like the fast pace of the game, but that can give problems for online play when pings are high. Trem is very fast paced, easy to forget how fast the game is. I showed it to some friends and they were like whoa how do you know where you're going at this speed?. Slowing it down a little might not be bad, especially for online play where roundtrip ping is important (melee depends on fast reflexes, etc).

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