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Suggestions, ideas / Overman/Reactoid
« on: December 24, 2012, 05:08:06 AM »
OKay so I know this idea is going to sound pretty wacky, but i've given it a lot of thought and I think it can actually be very plausible. You know how in some games, theres certain moves that can be used at certain times after like building up a certain number of points you can do something that does SUPER POWERFUL DAMAGE?? Kinda like how in mario kart when you're last place, you can get a blue turtle shell which will blow up the lead racer. Or how in super smash bros, if you get the smash ball you can use a super powerful move which will wipe out whoever it hits.

SO i'm thinking that to spice things up in this game, after a certain number of kills have been reached, or if some in game objective has been achieved during a match, or just some threshold reached, the overmind/rc should turn into a SUPER POWERFUL BEING.

For instance, if the alien team gets like a certain number of kills say 50 kills in a game, it should turn the overmind in the OVERMAN. The overman is basically going to be an overmind with arms and legs, that runs around the map kicking and punching down every human that gets in its way. If the Overman gets to the human base before the humans destroy it, it will blow up, causing a ton of splash damage.

In the humans case, it will be called ReacTOID. So basically the reactor will spawn a jetpack and speed boosters and lazerbeams and start flying through the map shooting all the aliens. If the aliens fail to destroy it, it will fly into the alien base and self destruct.

What do you think? I think having a super special attack in the game will make the gameplay a little more fun.

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