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News / Re: Plushy alien for sale
« on: November 23, 2018, 12:16:59 PM »
Well if yo ustill have te manufacturing blueprints you can always get them made later again right? Assuming that enough people demand for it

Discussion / Re: Rotcannon...
« on: July 03, 2018, 05:54:30 PM »
It would really help if some custom graphics options were to be added. The UE presets suck especially for low end graphics users. Reduced render resolution while still rendering things like specular, normal mapping and high quality lensflares has got to be one of the worst decisions in presets for improving performance that EpicGames has done.

News / Re: IndieGoGo campaign ended and future
« on: July 03, 2018, 05:49:16 PM »
The raw surface of the gamelogic should be sufficient to help smash out basic physics and related bugs without a need for leaking potential security and the alike. Synchronising source changes isn't needed with the availability of patch submissions however it does mean that the user's end must always be updated and patches needed to be tested for potential clashes if the user's end isn't updated or if an update rolled between the user finishing their work and a new update that is related to the section of the gamelogic (e.g. an update may rework the routing order of the marauder zap, user fixes the way the marauder zap hit detection system)

Speaking of which, we need at least a publically announced regular dev game going to help boost the population as it is.

Regarding bot AI, I can provide some advanced concepts (that no other game from what I know has yet to combine) to the aiming system so they won't be so aimbotty but it will require the use of the latency compensation system similar to quake's unlagged or a similar memory system to feed off. I have not seen how the UE3/UE4 system works so it may or may not be easily applicable.

haha, reminds me of several credit-distribution bugs I had when making my ProTrem mod for ns2. The problem I think was that the credit cap per kill and modifiers weren't properly set, simple typos.

News / Re: IndieGoGo campaign for future development
« on: March 26, 2018, 07:41:17 PM »
Don't worry, it is only prevention from being annoyed by unnamed players.
There are still better alternatives to this though, that is definitely something that media will pick up upon and therefore reducing the game's rating. Admins not being active is one of the complaints about several old servers in 1.1.

Also regarding names, why the heck are people's usernames defaulted to their PC's names? If possible, set the default to the Steam username. Newbie#UniqueID and Steam UniqueUsernames could also work out (e.g. mine would be ZdrytchX, proven by

News / Re: IndieGoGo campaign for future development
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:52:18 PM »
It's payday next week, so I guess I found a reason to be broke for all of April :P

I'm a bit worried about this, because this could possibly lead to griefing.

ATCS is missing a lot so hopefully the modding tools will come out in the future so we can create our own!
I'll do it if osmeone gives me an easy enough tutorial to learn off.

I've already done it twice (first was a failed atttempt) and forked off the second version into three versions for three different game modes (siege, which is kinda like Ambush mod, vanilla mode which was also played with a HvH mod in a video, and then there's the ns2:combat version which is actually a seperate game but not like that matters that much)

although honestly it still looks trashier than Tremulous' protocol 71 client's GL2 rendering system:

also this forum needs [spoiler] tag support

Suggestions, ideas / Re: First impressions
« on: March 24, 2018, 07:24:37 PM »
For now my streams (which you may use to find traits in regards to crashing, like dying) can be viewed through this playlist once I enable them publically:

Damn son that bitrate :DD
I'm Australian. I actually live in one of the fastest internet suburbs for my entire state.

Suggestions, ideas / Re: First impressions
« on: March 24, 2018, 06:41:24 PM »
I also need a sensitivity value of 0.0149... but that's not a valid setting :>>

so I had to halve my sensitivity and then use 0.03 to get an approximate equivalent to my quake engine/tremulous settings.

For now my streams (which you may use to find traits in regards to crashing, like dying) can be viewed through this playlist once I enable them publically:

Also for fun with discord:


Apheriox (Natural Selection 2 server group/community that has their own mod server, something like the current GrangerHub/DerBunker, or the past R xyz CZ community):

Discussion / Re: [ReShade] Graphical Enhancement
« on: March 24, 2018, 06:32:03 PM »
I wasn't expecting someone to make a tutorial on ReShade so quickly. Damn.

Suggestions, ideas / Re: First impressions
« on: March 24, 2018, 01:21:09 PM »
I like it so far, reminiscient of R Funko CZ although as expected still plays quite differently due to the UE engine.
I streamed a bit of the gameplay too.


I tihnk the gravity and speed is sort of fine for now although the physics are rather unsatisfactory at times due to the way UE's air physics work. For example, jumping over the turret is like... well that:

Human's sprint ability feels so fast relative to its regular running pace. I assume that rotacak knows the balance values that tremulous had since he did make the funko mod afterall so I won't talk about that here.

Air acceleration should be increased.

Jetpack physics are also rather linear, you don't feel and acceleration. It also tends to stic kto he ground if you try to move and liftoff simultaneously, to get off the ground it seems you need to let go of movement keys and only use the jump key.

Wallwalk rotating animation is very slow and also has trouble working around rocks where client-server mismatches often happen resulting in quite a lot of warping at times.

Taunt key can be spammed, not a high priority issue but it can get annoying if you get 5 players to simultaneously spam their taunt and sniff keys. This was also an issue in tremulous although in tremulous you kinda had to jump for taunt to replay.

In the Boxfield map: The ledge in the human's base needs to be made more accessible. Coupled with UE's air physics, its very difficult for humans to get up there without building brick support structures to step onto.

Humans shouldn't have to take damage through the forcefield, you can try KoRx's approach where a player presses Q on it to momntarily disable it

Technical feedback:

Graphics settings needs more options rather than the poor presets. Reduction of resolution scale is NOT something that people like to have unless absolutely necessarily, and yet they have that on low settings as well (not just the lowest). Bloom and that stuff could also be disabled on low settings. Turrets are also kinda dark, and are actually harder to see than acid tubes quite strangely enough.

Armoury crashes and softlocks often happen if you try to spam to buy a weapon. If you use the ESC key the buy/evolve menu also tends to not close sometimes, sometimes soft-locking your cursor and ability to aim, sometimes not but nevertheless the menu cannot be closed and sticks for the remainder of the game until map change, which can be annoying.

Also, there's no latency compensation for projectiles. It's a bad thing for a modern videogame but if you're intending for a 1:1 replica of 1.1 gameplay than that is not an issue, but it also means that it can be difficult to play as humans. Example of lack of projectile nudge in 1.1 gameplay (pulse rifle. It looks different because I'm using the 1.3 client)

Because turrets aren't latency compensated, the fact that if you stand on them causes you to rotate causes a lot of lagging problems with aiming for people of any latency so I highly don't recommend keeping that function if possible for structures specifically. Remember that "anything that changes the physics state of a player's avatar that cannot be client predicted should be avoided if it isn't essential to the gameplay" (example: knockback from the lasgun in Tremulous can be a pain in the butt for marauders with >200 ping)

Discussion / Re: Worried
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:54:39 PM »
Imo, patreon is kind of a personal support thing that doesn't work out too well for developement groups, but sure, you can give it a shot.

I currently am still searching for a job for over a year (western australia is the land of occupational inopportunity) so unfortunately I can't help your financial situation.

Also while I personally think that projects with paid early access tend to get negative reviews if they hadn't passed a sufficient developement stage, it might be the best choice for your financial situation.

Also, care to share the conditions of the investor's agreement? If it hasn't been finalised yet, at least remember to read through the fine print.

News / Re: Murnatan will be free!
« on: July 03, 2017, 07:23:01 AM »
~added basic information on Murnatan to the Tremulous wiki page. Some other sources would be nice.

Also the login in the top right (not the link to an alone login page, the embeded one) doesn't allow logging in properly.

Also don't forget the tradition: It must be released on a Thursday

News / Re: Murnatan will be free!
« on: May 14, 2017, 12:09:34 PM »


Speaking of moddability...

I once made an acid gun. Does the game engine at least allow me to do this?

Also will Steam Workshop be a thing? (from what I understand, MTN will not be flexible enough for that)
Natural Selection 2's workshop basically means that if you already own the game, other than the game engine itself and the modding tools, it's basically like the game itself is open sourced (though legally it isn't) because all of the gamelogic code, the code that tells you how the assets are loaded, the AI code, the usage of bot AI paths, the server management etc. are all available in files. Like from what I know, it is possible to import the granger model from T2 into the spark engine.

What about going the other way around? If it's ocmpatible with the spark engine, what if I made a map in the spark engine and converted it over into UWE in forms of a "static map" (no doors etc... not like ns2 really uses map entities)

News / Re: Murnatan will be free!
« on: February 07, 2017, 08:50:13 AM »
*looks at it more carefully*

Ooh.. my bad. I thought it was a generic mod competition for all users

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