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Discussion / Re: What is the objective of the game?
« on: April 05, 2018, 01:48:54 PM »
Loki: could you fix it? But I think we don't need anything too much official. Just good grammar would be good.

Media / Re: The Hovel is back boys
« on: April 05, 2018, 01:43:52 PM »

You bugged through wall by Hovel?

Suggestions, ideas / Re: Admin Panel
« on: April 05, 2018, 01:10:11 PM »
Every server owner will decide about admins on his own server.

Yes, it is not intentionally. It will be fixed :)

Discussion / Re: What is the objective of the game?
« on: April 04, 2018, 07:38:12 PM »
To add on what Machine Medic said:  The goal is to make it so no enemy player is on the map OR able to spawn on the map.

There are a few basic strategies you can do to accomplish this...

For Aliens:
1.  Destroy the enemy reactor will make it so all buildings will stop functioning.  Humans are basically screwed here unless they are able to spawn a ckit a build a new one.
2.  Destroy the enemy armory(s) will make it so humans cannot rearm or switch gear.  In smaller games it basically means a human needs to die to spawn with a ckit and build a new one.  During sudden death, this dooms the human team as they can not longer get any armor or weapons.
3.  Destroy the enemy medistation(s) and the human team cannot easily heal (I think you can still get medikit from armory though) During sudden death this ensures you can easily get resources to continue an attack as humans will constantly die and respawn.
4.  Destroy enemy telenodes directly.  This is very effective during sudden death.
5.  Destroy enemy turrets and other defenses to gain access to the above 4.

For Humans:
1.  Destroy the enemy overmind will make it so that enemies cannot evolve.  This gives you a steady flow of income to continue an attack as it forces the enemy to spawn a granger and use low hp pitins to defend.
2.  Destroy the enemy booster will make it so that the aliens can't heal as fast and can no longer poison you.  This is generally priority one for me, especially if the alien base is far away from the human base.
3.  Destroy enemy defenses, in particular trappers and other slowing structures to give you access to overmind and spawns.
4.  Destroy eggs directly, can be effective in sudden death if you can find them all.

This just scratching the surface for the game, as there is a lot of other strategies that may come into play especially when it comes to coordinating with your team.  At high levels of play feint operations, rushes together as a team, and protecting your builder to create a forward base are all important factors that can lead your team to victory.  :)

Can I use it as base for objectives described in game?

Suggestions, ideas / Re: Admin Panel
« on: April 02, 2018, 06:02:18 PM »
Agree. Fixing crashes, bugs, small additions and admin system are top priorities now.

Pum have maybe wrong speed but Adv Pum looks like rocket. They should be slow because they have pounce jump for moving. Anyway this needs to be investigated.

Suggestions, ideas / Re: Wall Bug
« on: April 01, 2018, 07:05:12 PM »
Hmm, interesting bug.

You can use for bug reports.

News / Update: 0.1.575 (Player counts)
« on: April 01, 2018, 04:39:51 PM »
- server browser contains also player counts, map name and server version
- increased weight and air control for Narbatucker, Adv Narbatucker, Pum
- increased Adv Pum weight
- end table records are read only
- smaller Turret collision
- removed pushing players by Turret rotation
- moved Turret shooting source more to center (now can shoot aliens on top of Turret)
- increased human jump (possibility to jump over Turret)
- fixed grammar in main menu text
- decreased step height for all aliens (can't walk over Turret)
- Grabit's acid bomb is less bouncy
- increased pounce hit volume
- fixed Pum not pouncing some buildings
- lowered camera for Pum, Adv Pum
- longer Pum pounce range
- Pum and Adv Pum can pounce in way of looking (not only in way of moving + looking)
- default screenmode is fullscreen windowed
- only Boxfield and Tension maps are in rotation
- fixed client crash take damage
- fixed client crash helper consumer provider
- fixed doors and clipping issues in PraeGelidus
- fixed two holes in Tenura terrain, added missing collisions, removed ceiling kill area
- added shaft leading into elevator room in Tension
- fixed elevator Mur kills in Tension
- another possible fix to pool server crash
- dead bodies does not block attacks anymore
- human dead bodies does not leaving active hitboxes near their deaths
- fixed Pum blood material
- increased precision of mouse sensitivity setting
- fixed linux cursor on main menu
- fixed wrong rewards (evo/credits) for teamkills

Server owners: please update your servers completely (delete all and configure it again).

Suggestions, ideas / Re: Auto Balance
« on: March 31, 2018, 06:04:54 PM »
Yes, this team balancing will be implemented.

On the other hand, small team need much less kills to next stage.

Suggestions, ideas / Re: Team lock on sudden death
« on: March 31, 2018, 06:00:48 PM »
One issue I've seen so far has been the fact that once sudden death activates, players will switch to the opposing team and aim for sabotage by attacking spawn nodes and the reactor/over-mind. something that might be worth looking into would be to lock the teams on sudden death so that once it's active, team switching would not be an option. it seems like a pretty minor issue, I know,  but it's unsporting to use the team switch option to get around the fact that your opponent is actually doing well. thoughts?
Locking teams is not good, game in SD can be still quite long and nobody would connect. But these structures cannot be deconstructed in SD so it will be good when they will be indestructible in SD too.

Discussion / Re: Thr truth about Rotacak and his 'Projects'
« on: March 30, 2018, 09:44:23 PM »
Actually this one Ypsylon did. I was working on different solution with same functionality and I finally finished it right now. Atleast compiling still running but it looks ok. So we have two solutions :)

Now I have to test it (if it will work in shipping build and if it will not reset after map change) and create api side, which is easy. And then finally can release new version.

Discussion / Re: For those who would like to see development activity
« on: March 30, 2018, 02:04:22 PM »
Any similar option with Linux? :D
Don't know :( Current Linux version is built on Windows so I do not know anything about debugging or developing on Linux.

Discussion / Re: Thr truth about Rotacak and his 'Projects'
« on: March 30, 2018, 01:59:44 PM »
Hello Players!

Thank you for your investigative discovering public informations :) I don't get your point since game is free, but:

Everything what I said is true. I (actually me+my 70 years old mom) sold that house and took about 700 000 kč from whole price to developing. Then we live two years in sublet in third floor. Then when game was still not finished I had to make decision - continue with developing, finish game and hope it will be successfull? Or take a loan for 30 years and build new small house with only ground floor in quiet village where my mom can have garden and will be happy, instead of noisy smoky apartment.

I decided for small house. My mom will not be here forever but I can still develop Murnatan many years. At last I had to take another loan 300 000 kč for house because it was still not enough.

Other things:
I never said that any player owe me anything.

$ 50 000 is silly and funny amount. You clearly not understand that this is not profit. That is only something that can keep us alive without taking other jobs and only for that time when our devs are still willing to do it for that little salary. They can take (and also some of them took) common jobs and can have profit 10x more. I am surprised that some people can elaborate such detective essay but are incappable to google common devs salaries and do simple math.

I could just not to do Murnatan at all and I would had by one loan less and that $ 50 000 already in pocket. Can you explain me why I did Murnatan, spent together about $ 75 000 and then asked on indiegogo $ 50 000 to cheat you? I would like to know that logic.

About destroying equipment:
- notebook: old broken not working notebook that had only LCD and keyboard, nothing else (got from my brother).
- CD: I did not used them many years, I took out some original music, sold it and destroyed rest of them (mainly movies downloaded from internet in horrible resolution from Amiga computer times)
- Router: my first ADSL router, off course broken
- Keyboard: thinnest keyboard that I found somewhere. Trufully I don't remember where I got it.
- Cracked PC case by axe: from fully working nephew computer, he allowed us to damage it, then he put back components and went home
- Printer: my first cheapest shitty ink printer, you will buy color fills, print one page and next week are dry. I already had laser printer for long time
- Other equipment, like another printer, monitor, notebooks (macbook), psp etc. was borrowed from friends.

Oh, and that pencil was my own (and we consumed two of them).

But yes, some of things I bought, like office furniture. I spent on it all my savings, about 80 000 kč. And we never used it for developing Murnatan, because we was working remotely.

But to be fair, I can share my gains with you. And you do not need to do anything. Good offer, isn't? All that developing cost me about $75 000 (still, very very silly amount for 4 years and 5 devs). I have contracts for everything so I can document all. We will divide gains fairly 50:50, so you will send me $37 500 and we will be even. Deal?

And now I have to apologize, but I need to go. Yesterday I was implementing player counts into server browser but I have problems with compiling plugin used for it. I ended in 6 hours at morning and plugin still not compile. And instead of solving it I writing these words here just to explain that for someone is free game too expesive.

Suggestions, ideas / Re: Suggestions and Critics from a Trem fan
« on: March 29, 2018, 12:01:05 PM »
    • The way the the controls feels like
    It feels like there is something wrong with the controls, it's not fluid enough and the game-play is not fast enough. Aliens feels like they're retardly slow and difficult to control, I know that we get used to it after a couple of game, but it just doesn't feel like the user is in control of the character, it seems like there is some kind of input lag or an after delay of some kind.
    There should be no input lag but everyone have own acceleration, that could be that problem. It can be adjusted.

    • The hit boxes
    I think you're aware that the alien hit boxes are not on point, the models are not my style too, why fury animals when you could have made some scary monsters. I don't know if you plan to keep all these models but I don't feel like these models reflect the typical "aliens".
    Typical alien is probably defined by Ridley Scott in movie Alien from 1979. But that is not law. In any game where ale aliens they are scary and ugly. But alien is nothing like scary and ugly. Alien is only visitor from other world. And on Murnatan planet aliens looks like that :) And probably when you will meet real aliens in real world, they will not be scary and ugly with unlimited slime in mouth.

    • Nartabucker wall jump and speed is retarded
    Since the game is not running on Quake engine, the acceleration is awful which makes the controls difficult to deal with, the humans sprints and accelerate faster than Nartabucker, the walljump is not of much use honestly since it's too slow in my opinion.
    True. Narba controls are already changed and will be released in next update.

    • Nartabucker lightning attack
    What does it do, TBH I don't find any use of it, it sucks.
    Continuous killing spark. Better against stacked buildings.

    • Pum's pounce
    It just doesn't feel right, it's difficult to track human with the pounce because humans are faster... and I don't know how the pounce damage works but it does not trigger unless human is retarded and doesn't move.
    Will be changed in next update. Currently you have to collide with target.

    • Plasma gun
    I don't like it and it feels laggy to me, don't see the point of using it
    Is good for killing bases and shooting around corner.

    • Map limits that reks you
    Too much of these to random places, i don't think it's a fun feature in any maps. Especially the ceiling one that u hit with the bird or jet or wall walking aliens without even anticipating it at all. It should be at least an invisible wall, no killing involved, I don't like that.
    That killing ceiling is bug, removed in next update.

    • Tyrant too op
    Well compared to all other aliens, it's the only one that can truly take out a base and pretty easily. Unless you buff other aliens or humans  or balance this shit with stronger building, the tyrants cannot be that strong, it's unreal in my opinion. The problem about buffing the building is wrong because weaker aliens or humans weapon is already kinda weak against buildings.
    Don't judge Tyrant so fast. With few players can be overpowered, but otherwise not. Let's test it more.

    I'm pretty sure if you work these aspects of the game and balance all the content you can attract a bigger player base, this game has it potential, but it needs quick reaction and devotion from the dev team so that people who tries it for the first time are not disappointed by how the game feels.

    I know it's still in alpha but you guys we're working on this for so long and I am worried that if you don't have a lot of players even after exposing on steam that the project might not speed up properly.

    What kind of engine are you using ? I'm not an expert at all but if you built it yourself, that might be difficult to deal with all this fluidity issue with the controls and shit. I know that the new Unreal Engine would be dope for that game, I don't know if you have ever considered trying to merge the game on this engine, it might help you, just an idea. The strafe from quake engine make this kind of game much more enjoyable and I just read u made this feature low priority, but that's what make the controls natural, enjoyable and creative in my opinion. You should see my mara jumps in trem, it's crazy how you can push the limits of this alien when you get into it, because it's fluid and generates speed with precision and skill.

    Let me know your point of view about what I just wrote in that post, I did not look much of this forum but I surely played dozens of game that I won easily because i'm good at Trem, ppl would just stack my team, btw fix that so the teams are balanced its annoying eheh.[/list]
    It runs already on Unreal Engine 4. It can make many things easy but also many things more complicated and maybe even impossible.

    Controls and balancing are always things to tune. Narba will be better but still I think that it will need several iterations until will be very good.

    Team balancing is another thing to be done, sure.

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