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Cryengine vs Unreal: That's just the moddeller. It's like having quake 3 models on unvanquished's improved engine.
no competition [between unvanquished and murnatan.
I wouldn't say so. But partly true, there's only a few people buzzing back and forth. I'm not going to buy murnatan if it'll still cost money but I am still interested and I won't deny that.
Currently, if I draw something to represent "who has my attention most":

In other words, I'm triply more interested in unv at the moment. Most of this is due to lack of news from Murnatan and kharnov is doing a good job to keep their community interested.  However, I was actually closer to murnatan when it first arose as Tremulous 2 before I realised that it'll cost money, it's closed-source to developers only and that the idea of a third-party fan was making a so-called professional sequel without the author's permission.
Also, the reason why I'm not completely to the left is because I too don't like some of the new aliens and gameplay changes made, and murnatan still stands a chance to buy me over again.

Unva's goal is to simply "modernize" Tremulous visually and audibly, where Murnatan's is to build a completely new game in Unreal Engine 3 with similar balance to 1.1, and ultimately achieve a "Tremulous revival" of sorts.
You're wrong on several aspects:
1. Unvanquished isn't trying to "modernize" tremulous visually and audibly. I'd say murnatan's doing a better job at this. Also, they're modifying their gameplay, and a lot of it has already different from tremulous RTS-wise.
Unvanquished is trying to put it under visually accceptable standards, and we don't have many sounds either (just one reload sound afaik since splitting off from TremZ)
2. This won't be a ultimate "tremulous revival" because identicle gameplay can't be achieved so easily on a different engine. For an example, strafe and circle jumping. A tyrant can strafe jump past the ATCS team base gap. Without these exploits, you can't cross the gap normally and hence cannot bring back the quake-feeling.
Another aspect that's already been proven is hitboxes. We're fine with this idea, and I do actually prefer this over the traditional XYZ hitboxes, but it means that it's not a perfect revival. Good job there, but gameplay won't be identicle too.
3. Also, didn't rotacak declare that the project will differ from the tremulous-style to avoid copyright issues with tremulous, not just the name?
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Therefore, Tremulous 2 might have the future (or might not, since it isn't developed by a corporations, depends on what Global Government will decide), but Unvarnished doesn't.
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Sucks to be those Unvarnished guys.