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There has been some growing concern among some of the people interested in this project.

It has been almost a year since there has been any sort of regularly active discussion on this forum. 

There has been no visible progress or status updates in about two months.

Some people are speculating that AAA Games has run out of funding and/or has laid off employees.

This game is close to a closed-alpha state, needing only the alien team, some additional models, and some sound design before it can be play-tested in a very rough condition.

We need to have developer transparency if we are to continue to support this project, because we can't refer new people to a website and forum that haven't seen honest life in months.

Sometimes people inquire to me about the status of Murnatan outside of this forum.  Every time they have asked, I have been forced to reply with something along the lines of: "I am hopeful for the release of Murnatan, but there has been no progress for a while, so I can't really tell you much more at the moment".

When the inevitable debate between Unvanquished and Murnatan arises on a 1.1 server, the best I can truthfully say is: "Well, they've made some good progress so far, and they have some innovative ideas, but I haven't really heard anything from them over the last few months". 

I have no explanation for newcomers as to why the webpages look abandoned.  I have no argument with which to support the recent development of this game.  I have no idea where this project stands, or if it is even still being worked on on a full-time basis.

I hope you can understand my concern, being that the future of our clan is riding on this game.  If it doesn't get released, then we'll inevitably just quietly fade away from the public eye until we find another game worth playing some number of years in the future.

There are 1.1 players out there who are sick of the seedy cesspool of a community that tends to surround Tremulous 1.1, and are ready for an updated replacement with some fresh life surrounding it.  There are those who have told me they are ready for new clan servers with some measure of enforced order and sanity.  I can help steer people towards Murnatan, and answer their questions about it, but I cannot make up excuses, and I cannot sell them what appears on the surface to be a dead horse.

I cannot sugar-coat it this time.

We need to know what's going on, Rota.  Have you had to lay off team members?  Are you in financial jeopardy?  Are you making 40 hours of progress every week, or have you had to cut back on development time?  Is there something else going on that we can't see?

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Machine Medic: Everything will be explained soon. Development is currently paused but it means only that release will be postponed. And of course - everything is mainly about money. That is reason why we have pauses in development, why we are slowed (slow computers, non commercial software, hard negotiations with external workers etc.). Also modern engine does not mean that everything will work same, just better. We have do solve many problems that was not in Quake 3 engine and sometime it means that we have to degrade new features to old solutions. But we will dealt with it.

Anyway, you can expect news with topic "We are back in full strength".