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So because I'm big fan of horror and paranormal things, I decided to start another topic. I always use to watch videos about ghosts and paranormal shits, which is really nice. I can't say that I trust on these things so much, but I really enjoy to watch it.

So, what do you guys think about paranormal activity (not movies), I mean shit like ghosts etc

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Quote from: Mega
So, what do you guys think about paranormal activity (not movies)

I recently followed a thread about this on an electronics forum.  Long story short, a seriously misguided individual was attempting to make a "ghost detector" by building what he failed to realize was effectively a modified metal detector circuit.  Idiot.   :P

Needless to say, the thing didn't work like it did in the Holy, Unquestionable, Unfalsifiable Youtube viral video.  Saw that one coming from a mile away, lol.

IMHO, paranormal activity videos on the internet are absolutely no better than these pathetic "perpetual energy machines" you see all over the place.  If you can never get consistent, repeatable results from duplicating something you see online, then according to basic logic, it's a load of bullcrap.

Quote from: Mega

As far as the whole ghost and spirit thing goes, I already won that argument in a different thread.
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