Author Topic: Rock - Speed modeling and texturing  (Read 681 times)

Offline mopython on: August 15, 2014, 06:36:38 PM

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We have both good and bad news. Good one is, that we made not just one, but two rock videos. Bad thing is, that if you are awaiting our programmers wear leather vest with a MürNaTör sign on it and Rotacak playing a drum solo, this is not THAT moment.

However, what you can see is another great videos by Murnatan graphic artist Tomáš Drahoňovský. In first you can watch speed-modeling of Rock while the second shows some speed-putting of a texture on it. It should be said, that Rock is basic building and defense structure for Aliens, and since it can hold a lot of damage, it will be used for base fortifcation.

At last but not least, please don't forget to subscribe our Youtube channel, there is more to come.

Speed modeling

Link to video

Speed texturing

Link to video
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and Rotacak playing a drum solo, this is not THAT moment.

And I thought the wait is finally over  :'(

Nice video!