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1. The best place to fight goons was to fight him on a ramp. Like in ATCS tunnel. Most players (even the good ones, it was really funny when you could rifle 2 goons at a time :D ) learned that pouncing from above required careful aiming and pouncing a human standing on a ramp tricky.

Someone over said that it was because of goons' bounding box hitting the ramp and game than calculated no damage to humie, EVEN if the goon landed right before the human. This WAS in 1.2. Not a request or a sugestion, it just goes along with the comment made by that someone.

2. So he also said that goons'  pounce "weapon" was like a sword that sticked out from it. When you pounced you only "changed weapons". The pounce itself only launched the goon not dealt the damage. In practical terms this meant
- you could pounce human while flying at him (most pounces)
- you could pounce a human not in your flight path, but standing near it (pounce towards a spot near human, turn to aim at human while in flight)
- you could (with some skill) pounce a humie after you flew behind him (same as second one, but aiming you went AFTER the human)

Any revolutionary changes to pouncing planned?:)

2. If AdvGonn will have sniping, please do not change the ballistic path of the "snipe". Would be too easy.

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You should learn to count =D

You are right on the 'sword' part - In my opinion, it's just another dretch bite that only works once until you land again. The truth is that the goon's pounce "width" is waaay shorter than the actual bbox size and hence you can collide with someone and not deal a scratch. I we were to make this more realistic we need to involve bboxes like the tyrant charge actually does [Then again, you can get "should've gotten out of XXXYYY's way" from BEHIND, i've tested and proven it]

This applies to both 1.1 and gpp btw.
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1. That happen mostly on 1.2 probably because there is pounce something like primary weapon. So everyone still trying pounce everyone.

2. No big changes. It should work like this "- you could pounce a human not in your flight path, but standing near it (pounce towards a spot near human, turn to aim at human while in flight)"

3. Balistic path will be same.