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After being registered just a few days, I can tell the activity is very low here. Come on guys, pick it up! 😬 I check and try comment throughout the day.

I am checking in daily since greenlight, also checking the greenlight page. No news = nothing to talk about

Machine Medic:
I've always checked in daily since 2012.

Usually not a whole lot to say, other than; "Can't wait for Murnatan" or "Hurry up, Rotacak!".   ::)

Indie dev workflow is slow.  Not much else to say.  :s

10-4. Does anyone know how active or if any of the 1.1 or 1.2 servers are online?

I saw some topic where it was written '1.1 is officially dead'
so I guess that can give us some idea without having to peek :D


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