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How do we attract more players?

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One thing Murnatan lacks are players. The biggest game I've played so far was 7v7 and the server crashed. We really need to somehow lure more players in. Could steam perhaps help somehow? I think if the game was on the front page for at least an hour it would drastically help. That would probably be impossible though.

There is possibility to get to some better page on Steam for while with bigger update, but don't know how big succes it will have.

We need admin system and no server crashs. But one crash is inside of engine from unknown reasons. Cannot be reproduced. Probably something with networking and memory. That is hard to solve. Would be good to update Unreal Engine to recent version but I think that is too big task for now and many things would broke. But that can solve that crash or atleast we could report it to UE bugtracker.

So we need to move forward with smaller tasks. First one update with few fixes, next probably admin system and then we will see if we should try to update UE or try to do support for mod maps or ambush mod (can be played like single player too).

Machine Medic:
The game needs to be fun on a competitive level before it will stand any chance of attracting regular players. 

Smoother alien controls, better prediction between server and client, complex keybinds, password protected/whitelisted scrim servers, etc.

It needs to *feel* like a proper twitch shooter.  Otherwise skilled players will have no reason to stick around.  Make the game run as smooth and tight as quake and people will start to hang out.

Also, most people nowdays don't go searching for servers, since most modern games have a matchmaking system. They just wanna click "Play" and have a game to play. Murnatan kinda needs one if it ever hopes to reach a larger audience, but all the other stuff already mentioned should take a much higher priority.

BFG: Personally I don't like matchmaking and I think that is not suitable for Murnatan.
First - when there are not official servers, then there can happen anything.
Second - you want to have few favorited servers with favorited players with favorite ping, not to be randomly connected to somewhere.
Third - I think that best fun is when good players playing together with bad players (not griefers). If matchmaking will connect you only to players with skill similar to you, then it will lose this feeling.

Anyway, when we will have some ranking system then it will be possible to do similar things like matchmaking for server owners (can connect only when have level X etc.) or we can add "Quick play" button for randomly choose some crowded server. But there will be always also server browser.


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