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Any server?


hello :),
I was a tremulous player and i really want to play Murnatan...
I have installed the game by steam.
The game is loading well, then i click on start game and i arrive on the servers page.
But, i only have 1 server listed. It is : local server.
I can click on :
       - join server (it doesnt work, it says connection lost time out after 30 sec )
       - refresh ( it doesnt give anything )
       - back ( it works but i would like to play :p )
Am i missing some button i can click on (option, settings)? Is there a solution to see a list of server ?
I am using ubuntu...
Thank you for any informations and sorry for my bad english  :P

Game is dead

Thank you Nomad.
So, zero server in the servers list is normal then...
Too bad, i couldnt load the game with my old computer, now that i have a new one the game is dead  :(
I miss playing aliens and it seems that ns2 doesnt work with linux and radeon driver.

loadrunner: There is "Start server". I checked it right now and it was somewhat jammed. Was online but I cannot connect. I restarted the server and everything is ok. Try it now.


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