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1. Avd Mara zap - linear chain or split after hitting first target?
1.5. Some MANDATORY, FORCED, REQUIRED etc tutorial on how to build decent bases. Not some "it's ubp FU, I will not stop retfarms and sfastikas"
2. Are we gonna get something like a commander with an overview of an entire map? Or would it be too much of NS2 copy for you?
3. Turret geometry is not it's hitbox in 1.2. It has an invisible, well, box :) to checkout collisions and hits. I assume to ease hitting T2 will get something similar (more polies to box probably). The question is: if one turret is behind another and wants to shoot at alien, does its aim get obscured by the same box (like it would be checked with alien) or will it be decided only by the obscuring turret geometry?
4. MassDriver needs to have some serious disadvantage at extreme ranges. One thing is to MD whore in ATCS tunnel, another is to camp with MD on maps where vehicles are used (I assume - big and with  big open spaces).
5. Granger spit, it does nothing. You will remove it, change it into sth useful or leave it like it's now?
6. No nintendo_land pls.
7. Let's say I'm flying the flying fly :) I evolve to rant and fall down or have to land and evolve?

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1) split after hitting first target
1.5) there will be tutorial in game, but not tutorial for teaching best base building
2) no, there will not be such feature.
3) new hitboxes are exactly like model shape. But this need to be tested and probably somewhere will be added invissible solid "air" because of better gameplay.
4) it is possible to make balanced big open maps, so it should be no problem.
5) we will leave it like it is in 1.1
6) :)
7) you will be able to evolve in the air

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1) KoRx style is better. [It zaps all targets within 200 quake units (2/3 of the gpp/1.1 zap initial range) without having to aim at them. However it doesn't chain and deals damage slowly over time as long as you have secondary clicked down]
3) They all had hitboxes in tremulous. Unvanquished are improving this next year as well, so this project better catch up.
5) In 1.1 it halves your run speed for 10 seconds i think, and in gpp it's uselessly only 1 second or 2.
6) Don't worry, if i do get this game, i'll just map another one with a free cost so everyone can play it. :D
7) In 1.1, you stop in mid air. In gpp, you maintain your velocity. Both has their advantages, such as aliens can make a human miscalculate their md shot, while the gpp version allows you to pounce at a human and evolve into a tyrant to crush them :P
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