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Discussion / Any hope?
« on: July 31, 2019, 07:41:40 AM »
Hello. I came across this game while doing some Google searching for an older game called Tremulous. It's quite obvious that's what this game is based off of. The buildings and creatures have some of the same names as those from Tremulous and even the loading screen is almost identical. Is there any hope at all for this game? Is anything being done with it? I know there was a server update of some kind not too long ago, but is it being advertised or promoted in any way? This game is basically what I've been looking for for a REALLY long time and i would like to see more than the "test" server and some people actually playing it. It has a lot of great potential and would probably make a decent sum from skins for armor, guns, and creatures to keep it "free to play" and continue to afford to update it. It would just be nice to see this game succeed after so many years of enjoyment from the Tremulous community almost 15 years ago. I'm gonna try to get some of my streaming friends to play it with me and maybe get some kind of traffic coming in, but it will be only minuscule, if it works at all. Also, is there a way to run a dedicated server other than through a personal computer? I'm assuming there aren't any websites that do hosting for this game. Just figured I'd ask while I was thinking about it.

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