Author Topic: Jump Pad - Speed texturing & Small forum change  (Read 638 times)

Offline mopython on: September 13, 2014, 02:39:19 PM

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We have two news for you today. First one is another speedtexturing video: this time it's making of Jump Pad, an alien shoot-me-in-the-air version of elevator.

The second news is a small change in Murnatan forum, which you probably already noticed: we don't have karma system anymore. Well, do not take it as our religious confession, there still IS a chance, that trying to be nice to other people is actually pretty good idea. However we were no longer satisfied with applaud/smite system and we have switched it to a "like" system. To be honest, it works almost in the same way minus the negativity, so why not.

link to Jump Pad on Youtube
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