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Quake Live


Machine Medic:
Just curious to see if anybody else here has tried Quake Live at all...

I just discovered it today, and can't seem to put it down.

It's one hell of a rush, that's for sure.

been playing it, q3 is my childhood

are you playing it on steam? heard they ported it there

Machine Medic:
Yeah, I've been running it through steam.  It's a pretty damn fun game, although it's a shame that it is not Linux compatible like QA3.

what about achievments? are they implemented?

Machine Medic:
There are achievements inside of the game, yes...

But I don't know if they are integrated with Steam or not.

I remember getting the achievement "Pull!" for sniping 5 players in the air with my shotgun, but I don't see any achievements listed my Steam library.


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