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Are Tremulous still played?

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I actually don't have Tremulous installed anymore. Are there servers with players on it? I reffer to both of them (1.1 and GPP).

Machine Medic:
Every decent server that ever used to exist on 1.1 is now either shut down permanently, or perpetually devoid of players.

The only active servers anymore are most of the Lettards and one or two dumpy vanilla clanservers.

Gone are the glory days of ACR Unlimited, KoRx, Skittles, [STARBURST], Wrath NTS, etc.  It has never been the Trem I used to know since the day ACR called it quits... things just kept downhill from there.

At least we have Rotacak to thank for this whole project...  Most games never get a second chance like this. 

TL;DR: No, there aren't any decent servers or clans on 1.1 anymore.

But when this game releases, Contra Clan will be ready for it.  :3

Well, I'm glad that AA's fuckers lost their players.
About the MurnataN, yea, I can't wait to play it!

Machine Medic next time do the tl;dr sentence in the beginning, thank you.

Sincerely, a tl;dr fanboy.

Machine Medic:

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