Author Topic: Grenade speed modeling (+fruity penguin bonus)  (Read 608 times)

Offline mopython on: February 06, 2015, 06:26:29 AM

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Some people say, that use of weapons is just another level of inter-species communication. If that's true, we are pretty sure there is no better universal way of expression "I am disappointed, because you cowards outnumbered me" than a grenade thrown in the right direction. In a new video you can see Tomáš Drahoňovský crafting this exploding argument from concept, through creating low and high res polygonal models till the final texturing. Hope you will like it.

But wait, don't go away yet, we have an announcement too!
After some coding, even more testing, surviving an alien attack, trip to the space, stealing a future technology and successfully returning back to our lair, we can finally reveal, that - if something terrible won't happen - Windows version of Murnatan will have its Mac and Linux siblings and you will be able to play on your favourite system. We don't want to delay a release day, so it may be available a bit later than a Win version, but hey! That's still good news, right? 

link to Grenade on Youtube
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