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Hello. I was wondering to make a new PC before MurnataN will be released so that's why I post this one.
My computer is 8 years old now and it's pretty old actually. I started to gain a lot of bloody lag on simply games, so my baby got too old right now.

Here are my components:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8200 @ 2.66GHz 2.67
Installed memory (RAM): 2.00 GB
Ati Radeon HD 4600 Series
Total Memory 1786 GB

Pretty sux, eh? I know. That's why I need to build a new CPU.
So I don't have a lot money. Right now I only have $325.
Any ideas how to build a new PC with this money? Yes, I'm looking for a cheap one. Someone recommended me to only buy  i5, 4GB ram, GTX 750 TI and I'm done. I saw some pretty cool prices of this on Amazon, but no free international shipping. They're only shipping on US, fuck. And here comes another question: do you know any good website with cheap prices and free international shipping where I can buy these components? Thank you.

I recommend you more ram, atleast 8 GB. And I think that GTX 750 TI is too strong, but I see that older are almost not avaiable or for similar price. What about to buy used PC?

Machine Medic:
$325 is tricky.

Assuming you're using all of the other components from your current machine (i.e. power supply, motherboard, hard drive, etc.), it *might* be possible to build an entry level machine.

With international shipping it won't be economical to order your parts in stages though.

These are what I've been able to find within your price range:



(Reputable brand)
(Cheap brand)

You'll have to do your own research on these and decide if they will satisfy for your needs or not.  For instance, I'm not sure if your motherboard is socketed for an i3.  There are also considerations for operating systems, etc, etc.

On AMD:  It is always tempting to go for AMD/ATI/Radeon parts because of the cheap prices, but remember - with computer hardware, there is no such thing as cheap AND reliable.  In my experience, AMD stuff works well when it wants to behave - which is pretty much never.  Research AMD driver updating or AMD OpenGL problems if you don't believe me. That stuff will give you nothing but headaches in the long run.

Alright guys, thank you all for reply. I tought a lot and I came with decision to buy these components:

Video card: Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 270X 2GB DDR5, 256 bit

Microprocessor: AMD Kaveri Athlon X4 840 3.1 GHz, socket FM2+, box

Motherboard: MSI A68HM-P33, AMD A68H, socket FM2+, mATx

Memory card: Kingston HyperX Fury Black Series 4GB DDR3-1866Mhz, CL10

What do you guys think? Is it worth it, not. Should I change something?

Machine Medic:
As I mentioned, AMD video cards are very a risky bet, but everything else there should be enough power wise to get you an entry level machine, as long as you're not expecting to be able to play Skyrim with full ENB presets on two different monitors at any reasonable frame rate.

4GB of RAM might slow you down a bit, but you can always add more later if you decide to.  My system usually idles at 2~3.5GB, and both Skyrim and The Dark Trilogy both nearly max out all 8GB on my machine.


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