Author Topic: Update: 0.1.575 (Player counts)  (Read 910 times)

Offline Rotacak on: April 01, 2018, 04:39:51 PM

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- server browser contains also player counts, map name and server version
- increased weight and air control for Narbatucker, Adv Narbatucker, Pum
- increased Adv Pum weight
- end table records are read only
- smaller Turret collision
- removed pushing players by Turret rotation
- moved Turret shooting source more to center (now can shoot aliens on top of Turret)
- increased human jump (possibility to jump over Turret)
- fixed grammar in main menu text
- decreased step height for all aliens (can't walk over Turret)
- Grabit's acid bomb is less bouncy
- increased pounce hit volume
- fixed Pum not pouncing some buildings
- lowered camera for Pum, Adv Pum
- longer Pum pounce range
- Pum and Adv Pum can pounce in way of looking (not only in way of moving + looking)
- default screenmode is fullscreen windowed
- only Boxfield and Tension maps are in rotation
- fixed client crash take damage
- fixed client crash helper consumer provider
- fixed doors and clipping issues in PraeGelidus
- fixed two holes in Tenura terrain, added missing collisions, removed ceiling kill area
- added shaft leading into elevator room in Tension
- fixed elevator Mur kills in Tension
- another possible fix to pool server crash
- dead bodies does not block attacks anymore
- human dead bodies does not leaving active hitboxes near their deaths
- fixed Pum blood material
- increased precision of mouse sensitivity setting
- fixed linux cursor on main menu
- fixed wrong rewards (evo/credits) for teamkills

Server owners: please update your servers completely (delete all and configure it again).
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