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Here are some screeniez of mine!

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Ok so I got some from my FB acc.

#1 if you play trem long you should know it :D
#2 How to get jetcamperz
#3 Ribin/trenak/he's really annoying faker btw breakdancing
#4 very funny notepad, very funny
#5 wat
#6 XD Ani I miss you :( ppl from R funserver cz should know "koko*hlava" word meaning :P
#7-8 Before & After
#9 highly anticipated mediret
#10 dat hurtz my torso

1 and 4 get a +1.   :D

ye haxed config and haxed hud Lolz

jeez, u spammed my facebook feed with these


--- Quote from: One.Oblivion on January 04, 2013, 10:08:16 AM ---jeez, u spammed my facebook feed with these

--- End quote ---

so you got fed then? you should be thankful :)


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